Redesign & other services

Jewellery service it should be - from refurbishing, repairing, redesign, valuations to disposals.

From her three decades of caring for the jewellery of clients from Duchesses to dog walkers, Jessica knows that many people have treasures they love or have been bequeathed and wouldn’t part with, but which need re-imagining or repaired so they can be worn and enjoyed again. Here are a few of the many exciting redesigns Jessica has worked on…

Clare’s Super Ring

This amazing ring contains various diamonds from several pieces from a long marriage. The client wanted to completely change the way she wore her jewellery, so Jessica put all the stones into one Super Ring that can be dressed-down for daily wear by removing the new central solitaire. It even has a spinning ring comprising the client’s late mother’s wedding ring, as a talisman. This Super Ring is a fresh, stylish piece the client loves and enjoys.


Tina’s Triple Ring

Shown is a bespoke triple stack ring in yellow and white gold designed using a client’s cherished late mother’s gold and diamond ring, along with the first engagement ring and other diamond gifts from her husband.  Her new special ring contains all the romantic diamonds of this client’s life and that of her mum’s - a circle of glittering love.


Party Ring

This fabulous aquamarine and diamond floral ring was redesigned from an unworn necklace that alone and sad in its original box from Boodles for 10 years. With imagination and artistry, out came a party-going showstopping cocktail ring.

You’d be surprised how easy and enjoyable it is to put the zing in your bling. We're here to help.

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Bespoke creations

We know that jewels are inspirational and for something as unique as you, turning your dream into glittering reality is one of the great joys of our work. Here is just one example from many of our extra-special bespoke pieces…

This stunning ring was created from a spectacular paraiba tourmaline to commemorate the birth of a longed for baby daughter. Jessica imagined a garland of bows and ribbons in a circle of love and femininity, set with pink sapphires, a pun on her client’s beautiful name, Saffya. 

You’d be surprised how easy and enjoyable the bespoke adventure is. We're here to help. Contact Jessica to start your jewellery creation now.

My Super Ring is just awesome! Jessica really understood my style and what I wanted
— Clare H
Beautiful design aside, the details that Jessica wove into my ring are so special
— S K
Jessica’s advice and skills are second to none, really first class
— Piers C
My special ring is like my 5th child, all the diamonds in it are so meaningful and precious - I just love it
— Tina C