Why I started the VIP Vault Sale

All jewellery connoisseurs are innately savvy (especially the wealthier they are!) but it's hard to find the truly fantastic deals in fine jewellery if you never have any time and aren't sure who to trust for quality, unless you buy pre-owned at auction. 

So that’s why I launched an innovative new jewellers’ clearance stock service.  The VIP Vault Sale service provides a ground breaking solution.  I take jewellers’ clearance stock and sell it to my list of private shoppers, at discounted retail prices which the retailer controls and all at no upfront cost.  The inaugural VIP Vault Sale was on Tuesday 5 December, 2017 at an elegant one day event at Goldsmiths’ Centre, London.  Now, I have put together a catalogue assortment of the best pieces I have currently sourced from my retail-jewellery contacts.  Since December 2018, current sales events run via a digital catalogue.

I spotted the niche in the market during my 30 years in high end jewellery retail in Bond Street & Mayfair, London, latterly as Retail Director of Garrard.  Many well-heeled people particularly love bagging a bargain, as it appeals to their innate savviness.  However, my VIP Vault Sale clients are not in the segment that brands are wooing via their marketing campaigns: they have a bargain-hunter’s mind set, and are simply looking for a fantastic deal without superfluous boutique perks.  However, until now, there has never been a trusted haven of fine jewellery at bargain prices, unless they bought older, pre-worn pieces at auction.  Now they can buy pristine designer fine jewellery from me, and my colleagues in the retail industry are happy to work with me at no upfront cost knowing their names and high standards will not be compromised.

As to the choice name: VIP Vault Sale?  Who could resist the notion of a vault sale – it’s the bling-bling version of a yard sale! 

For more information and to register for exclusive offers and the latest catalogue contact:

Email Jessica@cadzowcollins.com Tel:  07879 41 30 91 www.cadzowcollins.com/home