How Attractive Are You?

If you wear an automatic mechanical watch, you may be more attractive than you think.

At an exclusive IWC New Bond Street boutique event last night hosted by in-house watchmaker Robert Trueman, members of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers were treated to a breathtaking summary of London’s horological history meshed with IWC's iconic story. Told through his knowledge of watchmaking and history, Rob brilliantly built a case for shared affinity values of the normally mutually repulsive values of pragmatism and creativity – defining characteristics of Londoners.

Rob also demonstrated how to measure our individual magnetism. This is more of a problem than you might guess, but it’s not a measure of how irresistible you are to other humans. Out of five of us Clockmakers who tested their watches, two were off the scale – mine included. It’s all a question of how close you allow your mechanical watch to get to magnets, and as we live in a strongly and increasingly magnetized world, this happens a great deal.  The cased speakers in the bottom half of your mobile phone may be obvious culprits, but Rob listed others more surprising such as Tube doors.  

The most common effect of the daily magnetic field operating around your mechanical watch is to make it run fast, since the fine coils in the balance spring tighten up and shorten. This explains why my watch often runs much faster than the 5 minutes I set it in advance of standard UK time in a vain strategy to get to meetings at the appointed hour.

If you suspect that you might be more attractive than you’d like and you don’t have an equipped and friendly horologist such as Rob to hand, a simple trial with a needle compass will prove it. The needle will clearly deviate well away from North when the watch is brought up to it. My unverified research shows you could even try to demagnetize yourself at home, using a small electrical instrument bought from the internet – but I’d recommend you get your watch serviced and properly regulated. After all, who knows what damage may have been done by being so attractive.

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